Stretch Of The Week – Tibialis Anterior Stretch With Peroneus Myofascial Release

STRETCH OF THE WEEK: Tibialis Anterior Stretch With Peroneus Myofascial Release: The Tibialis Anterior is a muscle located at the front of your lower leg and wraps down your shin bone. Unfortunately, this muscle is often overlooked in a persons stretch routine. If you’re a runner, endurance athlete or if you’ve ever been diagnosed with […]

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Stretch Of The Week – Calf Rolling

[youtube link=”https://youtu.be/gyEnK_-x8Zw” width=”854″ height=”480″] STRETCH OF THE WEEK: Calf Rolling: Calf #rolling is perfect for anyone who suffers from constant tight calves which can lead to ankle pain or knee pain, not to mention an achilis tendon rupture 😫. Doing this, will get both the medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius muscle, as well […]