30 Minute Upper Body Pump

Upper Body Exercise Routine   Only Have A Half An Hour? No Problem! This 30 Minute Workout Will Most Definitely Have Your Upper Body Fatigued And Pumped!   Each Set Should Be To Full Fatigue So Choose Your Weight Accordingly. *CP-Chest Press, BB-Barbell, DB-Dumbbell, FT-Functional Trainer* FT Rope Tricep Extensions FT Over The Head Rope […]

All You Need Is A Stability Ball To Do This Full Body Workout

Stability Ball Exercise These exercises will work all of your core muscles needed to stabilize your body throughout everyday life. Strengthen your abs, lower back, hamstrings and more with this full body workout. Perform All Of These Exercises For 30 Seconds With No Breaks Between Moves. *SB=Stability Ball* SB Crunches Inclined Push Ups (rest more or less […]

Abdominal Domination

Try this week’s Abdominal Domination workout! The combination of moves in this program provides a sure way to get your abs burning, and get you that much closer to the lean toned stomach you are striving for. All of these moves require no equipment, and can be done in any space large enough for you […]

15 Minute Intense Full Body Workout!

Try This 15 Minute Full Body Workout! Perform These Eight Exercises In A Row As Many Times As Possible Doing 25 Repititions Of Each Move. Jump Squats Curl To Press (Light-Moderate Dumbbell Weight) Mountain Climbers Bicycle Crunches Neutral Reverse Flys (Light-Moderate Dumbbell Weight) Burpees With Two Push-Ups At The Bottom And Jump When Standing Plank Jumps […]

Missed My Body Burn Boot Camp Last Night? Don’t Worry Try This Full Body Power Set Dumbbell Workout.

Try This Power Set Workout That Will Give You A Great Workout In Just About 20 Minutes And All You Will Need Is A Light Pair Of Dumbbells. Good Luck! Perform These Power Sets Of Exercises For 30 Seconds Each. Straight Arm Front Raises Straight Arm Lateral Raises Bent Over Straight Arm Reverse Flys Upright Rows Curls […]